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 The Truth About Everything
I know the truth about everything. I know the truth about Mama, and about Daddy. I know the truth about my sister Peth and my brother Kestrel.

Peth. Pethula. Pethulatta. She hates it when I say her name like this. Pethissimo. Pethatude. My mama named her Peth because she thought

it sounded Biblical. She named my brother Kestrel because she wanted him more...

Northwest novelist L.C. Adams

When it's too cold to appreciate Niagara, I really appreciate Niagara. That's because there are so few other people “appreciating” along with me.

It was remarkable to be in the city of Niagara Falls, N.Y., the other day and be one of only a few dozen tourists wandering the streets. Normally they're crammed shoulder to shoulder like the boardwalk at the Jersey shore or 

Who stole my brain?

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My favorite poet  Jennifer Rose